ARAPS Rigger Logistics Fielding Specialist (Fielding and Equipment Training)

Fort Bragg, NC Full-time

Augustine Consulting, Inc. a professional services firm providing select services to national defense agencies, seeks an experienced ARAPS Rigger Logistics Fielding Specialist (Fielding and Equipment Training) to serve as a part of the Company’s Technical Services team in support of PM Soldier Protection and Individual Equipment (PM SPIE) RA-1 Advanced Ram Air Parachute System (ARAPS). The ARAPS Rigger Logistics Fielding Specialist will provide Airdrop Liaison support, New Equipment Training (NET), and logistics expertise and advice throughout all phases of life-cycle management. This includes the analysis, development, acquisition planning, programmatic support, system design, development, product and system test, engineering, program of instruction (POI) development, and business/programmatic support to PM SPIE products. 


As an ARAPS Rigger Logistics Fielding Specialist, you will:

  • Be fully involved in parachute test activities that will require you to participate in jump activities while with Airborne training students, active duty, Army reserve, National Guard Soldiers, and PM-SPIE for certification purposes.
  • Inspect and provide corrections to parachute systems and will be the coordinator between PM SPIE and each base location’s Post Headquarters, Division Headquarters and or Corps, Test Centers, and G3 Operations for parachute operations.
  • Provide New Equipment Training (NET) for both the Parachute Riggers and Jumper/Jumpmaster on the RA-1 Advanced Ram Air Parachute System (ARAPS).
  • Provide logistics expertise for planning, programming and execution of fielding operations and development and conduct of new equipment training.
  • Conduct strategic and campaign planning; prioritization of receiving organizations; development of an execution plan; management of stock levels; accountability of issued items;  management of shortages; and preparation of and delivery of briefings to articulate the program.
  • Interface and coordinate with ASAALT, AMC, Army Commands and receiving Units for logistics and training requirements.
  • Establish, organize, direct work, and coordinate efforts related to the planning, programming and execution of fielding operations
  • Assist and coordinate staffing of Material Fielding Plans (MFP) and New Equipment Fielding (NEF) Plans, Total Package Fielding (TPF), and Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) tracking.
  • Responsible for accurate input of all aspects of property accountability related to Materiel Fielding.
  • Oversee successful fielding accomplishment of issuing equipment in accordance with approved Basis of Issue (BOI).
  • Identify discrepancies or defects in products, manage fielding stations stock of product, and assist in resolving any issues or problems Soldiers have with equipment.
  • Establishment, vetting, and training of Fielding Teams to conduct on‐site activities associated with fielding equipment.
  • Perform plans for set up of fielding site and execution of fielding events, packing of equipment for shipment upon completion of fielding events, New Materiel In Briefs (NMIB) and conduct of New Equipment Training (NET) on assigned products as required, in addition to:  Coordinate Displays for VIPs; Coordinate firing ranges with associated ammunition to support NET; Instructor Key Personnel Training (IKPT) interface with suppliers for NET Program of Instruction (POI); Provides oversight of execution of recurring training for fielded product training.


A Logistics Fielding Specialist who fits our team is:

  • Dynamic: contributes energy and enthusiasm to our daily tasks, to the team’s interactions, and to the Company’s mission.
  • Thorough: possesses an unparalleled work ethic; produces complete, even polished products; persistent; mission-focused; asks “Why?” as often as necessary to get to the root of the matter.
  • Mature: respects others’ opinions, beliefs, and culture; listens to ideas, shares thoughts, and works independently and together to contribute insights to the company’s leaders.
  • Forthright: speaks with conviction; argues based on understanding, respectfully.
  • Inquisitive: seeks deeper explanations of how systems work, not the surface-level description of the actors involved; goes beyond “stick-fetching” to connect the unconnected.
  • Timely: shows up, ready to think, prepared to get on with the day’s assignments; contributes analytical insights that meet time-sensitive, reasonable requests.
  • Honest: knows what’s right, what’s legal, what’s appropriate; acts accordingly.


Required Qualifications:

  • High School/GED and greater than 14 years of relevant experience. Or Associates Degree and greater than 12 years of relevant experience.
  • Must be permanent resident of the U.S. or U.S. citizen.
  • DAWIA level III certification in Lifecycle Logistics or the equivalent.
  • Certified Trainer with a minimum of six months training time.
  • Must have held a 92D, 921A, or 92R series AOC/MOS for a minimum of 2 years, and within the last 10 years
  • Must have obtained the instructor identifier while on Active, Reserve, or National Guard duty.
  • Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds and perform duties as an Army Parachute Rigger.
  • Must be able to memorize large amounts of scripted information of up to 1400 words per script and recite it verbatim in a classroom or impromptu setting.
  • Must have or be able to attain a United States Passport for worldwide travel.
  • Demonstrated experience with Logistics Automated Systems.
  • Competency in communication, leadership, team and risk management.
  • Must have the ability to communicate with executive management to ensure program related issues are addressed.
  • Have the ability to think and act independently in a distributed work situation.
  • Must possess a SECRET clearance.


Desired Qualifications:

A thorough understanding of operating a computer, which includes Microsoft Office 365 Suite of applications.

Possess the ability to work effectively in a team environment.

Ability to obtain a TOP SECRET Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) security clearance.


Clearance: Applicants selected will be subject to a background investigation and social media screening and may need to meet eligibility requirements for access to classified information.